BREEZE is a vocal jazz group with 2 males and 2 females, formed in 1993 by the students of Yoshiko Goto at Meser Haus Music College. Their repertoire ranges from jazz standards to popular music to Japanese songs. Each member also works as a solo singer. The wide range of voices, scat singing, and swingy harmonies make BREEZE a unique Jazz group.

BREEZE has been the recipient of numerous awards, including the Gold Award at the Asakusa Jazz Contest (1993), and the Best New Vocal Group at the 11th Tsumura Jazz Vocal awards (1995). They have been repeatedly voted among the top three most popular vocal groups by Swing Journal readers.

BREEZE released their first album “Foot Steps” in 1997, which was followed by “Kaze Fuku Koro” (“The Time the Wind Blows”) in 1999, “My Favorite Things” in 2002, and "STANDARD SONGS" in 2014 with Jeff Hamilton trio and Harry Allen. The latest album”WORLD BOSSA” was released in 2016. They recorded with Nicki Parrott quartet and Harry Allen.

Currently, BREEZE performs in various concerts, jazz clubs, and jazz events throughout Japan. They have also performed for various TV and Radio shows. In addition to Japan, the group has performed internationally with concerts in China and South Korea. In 1998, they began what has become an annual appearance at multiple venues in Los Angeles. They have also performed at venues in Hawaii, San Francisco, and at the Breda Jazz Festival in the Netherlands (2009).

The group has been fortunate to perform together with internationally renowned vocalists and musicians, including George Gaffney, Harold Jones, Jim Hughart, John Chiodini, Roy McCurdy, Warren Vaché, Ray Kennedy, and many others. Their reputation continues to grow...

【Keiko Kosuge】/Soprano
【Mayu Tamura】/Alto
【Manabu Nakamura】/Tenor / Arrange /Piano
【Takaaki Isogai】/ Bariton / Dj /Narrate